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Lead valleys cracked and allowing water to leak in roof, what are my options to fix ?

roof tiles are old and I want to avoid having to remove tiles or change roof.
thank you

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there is a roof repair material coating on the market that can be applied to lead or felt roofs it contains a fibre coating so it will last a lot longer than just bitumen coating

Answered 26th Mar 2011

MD Construction

Member since 16 Apr 2009

The only proper and sure way to fix your lead valleys is, strip the tiles out either side, and relead them.
Check your lay boards are ok first, and no rot, lay building paper with new lead valleys, retile back both sides, If your tiles are bedded in cement in your valleys, I tend to fit some asbestos free board, cut to size dependent on overlap up the lead valley with the tiles bedded on this, with glass fibre strands in the mix for strength.
You always get movement with lead, and the mortar cracks, but bedded onto the asbestos free board, the lead can move/contract independently of the mortar joint.
There are glass fibre valleys you can get, which is a lot cheaper to buy and fit, but I prefer lead, dont fit the lead in one length, needs to be about 1.5/2m sections code 5/6

Answered 26th Mar 2011


Member since 29 Oct 2008

Idealy you,d remove the existing lead and replace with new or GRP fibreglass. As a repair that lasts a while you could try Cromopol. You just paint it on, can even be used in damp conditions.

Answered 26th Mar 2011

B.T.B Roofing Services

Member since 13 Apr 2008

Remove tiles either side of valley, remove lead, inspect valley boards. Apply a breathable felt over the valley board. Fit code 5 lead in 1.5 m strips nailed one side to allow for expansion. Re fit tiles or slate, bed tiles back on to a/c strips and point up job done

Answered 22nd Oct 2013

Craig walton

Member since 10 Oct 2013

There is no way of replacing valley lead without the removal of the valley cut tiles from both sides. These should be stacked in order and set aside for re fitting. Valley lead is usually 390mm- 600mm depending on the width and a minimum code of 4. Depending on which code you purchase is depending on what lengths the new lead can be cut to. Install the new lead fix on one side only. This is to allow the lead to expand and contract. If it is nailed on both sides it will split again. Re fit the tiles and re fit the ridge. Hope this helps. Its easier to install a valley than write down how to fit one.

Answered 26th Mar 2011

Didsbury Roofing Services

Member since 12 Oct 2010

hi,the best option is to get a roofer around and give the area a overhaul .and he can see the problem has it is high up.get someone who is a roofer with good feedback.many thanks kentishbuilder

Answered 26th Mar 2011

kentish builder

Member since 14 Jul 2009

Renew in lead but is very expensive
renew in glass fiber just as good too
Or quick fix reline useing torch on felt, this option want last as long and is realy only a quick fix

Answered 26th Mar 2011

Swift Building Masters

Member since 28 Jul 2010

My advice would be to Contact a respected Glass fibre company and get a quote. Mds mouldings in Manchester is a good one. ;-) Be cautious of letting just anyone tackle it make sure you see some previous work. Theres a lot of damage to be done with an ill repaired water channel.

Answered 20th Apr 2011

MDS Mouldings

Member since 19 Dec 2010

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