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Kitchen pocket fire door


I want to replace my door into the kitchen with a pocket door but I don’t know if it needs to be a fire door or can be a normal pocket door, it is currently a fire door. My house is 3 stories and The kitchen is next to the front door but you could turn back on yourself at the bottom of the stairs and exit the house through the lounge into the garden without walking past the kitchen. I have read in to this but there is a lot of contradictory information.

Also I am changing my old chain closing firedoors for new ones, do they need to be self closing? Again lots of contradictory info online. My house is 15 years old and all the doors were chain closing fire doors even the cupboards which I know don’t need to be anymore.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Matt if there is another means of escape then the kitchen door would not need to be a fire door. Also the perks closers you have on your internal doors can be removed and you will not need to for doorclosers as a replacement hope this helps


Answered 27th Jan 2019

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