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The best way to cure condensation in upstairs bedroom, no cavity walls so struggling with moisture and mould appearing on outside walls in winter

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Hi I am Polish we got now minus 30-40C I'd do external insulation, it protect wall if you just stop damp comming in, it is still in the wall. More expensive but this is what we do in Poland and it works
It saves money on pointing wall as well
We Pols are amused with damp problem in UK
We have damp places in our country too, have look on flood in 1997...
I was driving a boat on my street...


Answered 13th Feb 2012

So you have a "solid wall" house. There are two options available. Outer insulation with a render or internal insulation and plastered. A few ways of doing both but for my money i would use a celotex 50mm insulated plaster board dot and dabbed internally. Its a fair bit of work but will make a big difference to your heating bills and prevent the cold wall-warm air issue that you currently have.
Good luck


Answered 12th Feb 2012

Firstly you need to improve the ventilation in the rooms by opening the windows slightly during the night.

Ensure that you have the correct depth of insulation in the loft (250mm); but ensure that there is an airflow at the eaves and that the insulation is not crammed into the eaves.

Make sure you either have soffit ventilation, roof vents or easy vents.

Cold external walls are always a problem, but it is generally due to the relative humidity being too high. Ensure when showering or when the bath is in use that you keep the door shut and extractor on, likewise when cooking.

If radiators are not below windows then consider relocating these for better airflow.

Cheepest fix - ventilation!


Answered 4th Sep 2012

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