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Conservatory replacement

I've got a standard UPC conservatory with dwarf walls. I'm thinking of replacing it with a timber frame garden room to make it more useable. One wall would be solid - timber frame, timber clad, plasterboard and insulated. One wall would have a large window and one wall french doors. It would have a solid tiled (lightweight) roof. The question is would the dwarf walls and footing take the weight? Would I be allowed to assume that or would I have to prove it? Would I just be better starting again?

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The question really is. Would that still be an expempt structure under Building Regulations? Is it a conservatory or now an extension. If it's still a conservatory then no, you wouldn't need to prove anything. If it becomes and extension then yes and more. You're best bet is to contact your local building control team at the Council and they can advise you. Generally a conservatory must be less than 30m2, contain no central heating, be thermally separate from the house and be substantially glazed.


Answered 25th Jan 2019

Hello mate it should do yes but it is better to double check the footings first just to see if they're adequate .you should have 900mm of footing 450mm of concrete and 450 concrete block . It will probably be a good idea to dig a little inspection hole next to it to see how far down it goes mate hope this helps .


Answered 25th Jan 2019

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