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Oak kitchen worktop - what finish to use?

Sadolin PV67 vs Osmo Kitchen Worktop Oil vs Ronseal Yacht Varnish

I have oak kitchen worktops (butchers join) installed however have found these to be horrendous over the years with marking extremely easy and going black round the sink area. On top of this they are sticky so when our cats jump up on them hair just constantly gets stuck.

I have a tradesman coming round to do work on our kitchen and part of the job is for him to sand down all the worktops and apply a finish of my choice. He recommends Ronseal Yacht varnish as although he says varnish isn’t always the greatest choice for the kitchen, it will ensure water protection and mean I won’t have to kee sanding it down and applying oil again every few months.

Since he said this I have done a lot of research on the topic and have found Sadolin PV67 and Osmo products to be rated highly for true Worktop protection.

Could someone please provide me with some advice on which is the best option.


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I would go for the Osmo worktop oil. Once you have sanded and applied it you wont need to sand again to apply in the future. PV67 is a great product (usually used on floors or bar tops) Gives a very hard finish but will mark and chip over time


Answered 24th Jan 2019

I would definitely go for the Osmo worktop oil, all Osmo products are pricey but second to none


Answered 24th Jan 2019

I would all ways go for Osmo yes they are more expensive but they last longer and are better quality


Answered 27th Jan 2019

Hi, PV67 is a twin pack mainly for bar tops and can remain very slippy and gives off one hell of an odour. I would definitely recommend Osmo oil. Once the top has been sanded make sure to go over with a tac rag first to eliminate ALL dust particles for a perfect finish.


Answered 28th Jan 2019

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