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Garage doors need to rise .

Hi there .
I have had a pair of bound and ledged doors made up for my precast garage . Now ready to fit them but have discovered my concrete drive runs down by 75mm towards the outward opening doors , which will mean they will jam as they open without being very short when in closed position !
So far I cannot find any sort of riser hinges that will lift this amount and give required clearance n both shut and opened position . Any advice much appreciated .

If I offset new frames in the plumb position would that allow a natural rise or not ?

Thanks Douglas .

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Hi, you could offset the frame but this would make the doors heavy to open, and want to swing closed all the time, I would advise a timber bottom rail to the frame which could be ramped for vehicle access if needed and is a cost effective solution,, or a purpose built threshold as advised by Chris.


Answered 4th Feb 2019

Hi Douglas,
I think your options are to introduce a heavy duty threshold or a door seal or a combination of both, see a couple of options below;

Good luck with your project


Answered 20th Jan 2019

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