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Replacing a fire door.

Hi we have a 3 bed semi 2 story 1960's house. There is a fire door between the kitchen and the downstairs toilet which is old fashioned. Not sure why that is there? Do we have to have another fire door or can we replace it with a normal 6 panel white door like the rest of the house? Thanks in advance

Thanks for the response below! Much appreciated. It was not rented it was owned by an old couple before us. We had all the internal doors replaced but the joiner said I would need another fire door putting on? This door is the entrance to the downstairs toilet then back door we also have a front door. It is not situated at the entrance to the hall / main house so would not stop fire spreading into the house and or upstairs. I am going to fit a standard door back on. Thanks for the reply.

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Was your house an ex-rental? If it was rented by a landlord before you moved In then yes this could be the reason why it is there. The property would probably have been checked by the fire brigade for Insurance reasons and one reason would be the risk of a fire in the kitchen and the tenents only way of escape from the house. If the access out was this only way then that would be why, the door would have been on a closer and kept shut at all times. This would give anyone in the house a chance to get out.
If you own the property now then there is no reason for the fire door unless you wish to keep it. Again if this is the only way out then it could be wise to keep it.
You also find that doors are sometimes replaced by something else, a friend gave it them, it was free, older houses can be full of random items like these
Hope that helps


Answered 18th Jan 2019

Yes,you can use any fire door, but you don't need fireproof door in toilet room. Just some inspectors incompetent and want fire door everywhere.


Answered 21st Jan 2019

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