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I'd like to add some box shelving below my upper kitchen units, much like this image here
The longest run would be 200mm, and the space we have for the height of the shelf would be 135mm max. I was thinking of using veneered chipboard at 18mm however I don't know if this would be strong enough? I'd like it to have a backing so it's not a classic floating shelf, but I know it can't be affixed to the underside of the cabinets for support so I don't know if floating shelf fixings in the top and bottom would provide enough support (or if you can even use them on 18mm chipboard! Any help and advice much appreciated!

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Chipboard aren't the best material for screw fixings - if you insist of using chipboard for the veneered benefits, what you can do is use mdf as a back panel and clad it up with your veneered chipboard, so it looks like it's been made with veneered chipboard throughout.

As for fixings - shelf this width (I take you mean 200cm?), you are better off screwing it down from the inside of your cabinet, in additional fix the back of your floating shelf to your wall with screws and rawplugs. if done right, it ain't moving anywhere!

hope this helps!


Answered 18th Jan 2019

wouldn't use chip board try birch ply


Answered 18th Jan 2019

Ply would be a better choice of material based on its strength and stability


Answered 18th Jan 2019

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