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It is february and so is it a good time to build a patio with slabs?

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Yes if precautions to inclement weather are followed, for example only lay when the temp is 2 to 3 degrees and rising, and if a frost is due cover with heavy carpet/hessian or similar material. If rain is due cover with a tarp.

Also another method is to increase the cement content of your bedding mix, this will accelerate the setting time and give the cement a better chance of curing, also a frost proofing agent can be added.

Obviously if its minus 10 and 12" deep in snow, flagging would not be advised!

For the jointing of the paving try and do it when there is a milder spell and cover as stated above - if poss the best thing to cover with is boards of kingspan insulation if you can get it.

Answered 10th Feb 2012

DN Groundworks

Member since 16 Dec 2011

February is not a great time to be doing any cement work unless you have so much spare time,you can do it again when it fails.All depends on how warm it is when you do it.At the moment,i wouldnt even consider it.

Answered 10th Feb 2012

Roc builders

Member since 25 Aug 2011

Hi there,

That all depends on the weather i wouldn't recomend laying slabs at the minute and certainly wouldn't do any pointing as its only reaching about 3-4 degrees in the day and freezing at night. You can get frostproofer additives to accelerate the setting times of your mix but i honestly think your better off waiting another month till the weather warms up. Hope this helps.

Bobby Aylmore

Answered 10th Feb 2012

Bobby Aylmore Landscapes

Member since 3 Jan 2012

Not if your using sand/cement, the minus conditions we have now will kill the cement.
Wait until 5 degrees or above.

Answered 10th Feb 2012


Member since 29 Oct 2008

February is fine as long as temperatures dont get so cold that any cement/concrete will not set.Anything below 4 degrees celsius it would need to be well covered or it can blow(not set).


Answered 10th Feb 2012

Amber Paving

Member since 2 Feb 2012

The short answer is no , if you have a choice . Problems are mainly to do with weather , frost , rain ,snow , etc .All will cause the sub base stone / sand / mortar etc to sink/ move .
You can get round this by using frost free quarried type 1 stone, and strong mortar / concrete, dry sand , and protecting the materials / job with covers , but it will cost more !


Answered 10th Feb 2012

Beamish Construction Services

Member since 4 Nov 2010

Its the weather that counts... Right now its too cold to lay concrete ideally you want plus tempretures.

Answered 11th Feb 2012

Local patios and driveways

Member since 24 Jan 2012

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