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Partition wall for a pocket door


At the moment our living and dining room are joined. We are looking to add a partition between the two, which has a Pocket Door in it.

I was wondering if it would be a stud wall that would be best, and if it had to be different to usual with us wanting a Pocket Door, as well as the rough cost (for the wall & installation not the door) and timeframe.

I have almost no experience or knowledge in this area, so if possible explain like I'm a 5 year old!

All help is very appreciated!


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you can use a stud wall but it will be thicker than a normal wall as you have to create the pocket. almost like building 2 stud walls side by side, you can build one then fit tour pocket wall track ensuring it is perfectly level.
once this is done you can build the next stud wall.
depending on the type of pocket door kit you go for will determine if you hang the doors before you build the second wall or after. usually with double doors you can do it after.


Answered 14th Jan 2019

Yes you will need a new stud wall built, the only difference to a normal stud wall is that you will actually need to take into account the amount of space it will take up for your pocket door, what you will need to do is built 2 stud walls leaving space for your pocket door's mechanism.

what you need to do is to get your pocket door with mechanism, get a carpenter to build 2 stud wall out of 2 by 4 timber, fit the mechanism in between whilst building the stud walls.

You would expect an experienced carpenter to finish in 2 days. probably looking at around £400+ timber

hope this helps!


Answered 14th Jan 2019

Pocket door kits can be purchased as a complete engineered solution which include all
The stud wall framing either side of the door. The stud framing is metal channel sections which you clad over with plasterboard, similar to ordinary metal stud wall channel. This is assembled into the studwall as it is constructed, giving the neatest possible installation. There's no need for an over wide stud wall, these kits come in standard stud wall sizes, 100mm or 125mm wide.

You would be looking at a cost of about £400 plus materials.


Answered 15th Jan 2019

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