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Electric heating other than night storage

I (or more accurately, a qualified electrician) will shortly be reconnecting some night storage heaters for me which have been disconnected and unused for some time.

I wonder if there are any recommended modern electrical central heating alternatives these days which are more flexible than night storage heaters, but are broadly comparable in terms of purchase and running costs? I realise, of course, there are so many variables - how the heating is used, different suppliers etc etc - but a general idea would be very useful. Gas is not a possibility, nor is installing extensive pipework.

Any thoughts gratefully received.

Thanks very much for that reply. The heaters I have are the modern slim type.

What I was after was whether there are any alternative electrical heating systems (plug in, or such like) that may be out there.

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In terms of storage heaters, the ones currently on the market are almost identical inside to those of 25 - 30 years ago. They are very basic and hence very reliable.

The principle is a dense concrete block is warmed by an electric element, as it takes several hours to heat (overnight using cheap rate electricity) it also takes several hours to cool during the day. Releasing the heat to the room.

Most manufacturers use the same parts in terms of thermostats, charge controllers and elements and although some or the more expensive models have fancy timers etc, this is totatlly unnecessary and basic manual models are cheaper to buy and easier to use.

Old storage heaters are often mechanically sound inside, but just look shabby. Therefore its worth considering getting the front covers professionally spray painted in enamel paints and this makes them like new saving £££'s.

Winter is also a bad time to buy new storage heaters as discounts are often given on them in the summer when sales are slow!

In terms of alternatives there are some heaters on the market, but they do not use the cheap rate overnight electricity like convesntional storage heaters.


They are about £350 to £400 each to buy, plus fitting costs, so overall not cheap.

Hope this helps.


Answered 14th Feb 2012

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