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1st and 2nd fix

What does '1st fix' and '2nd fix' mean?

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1st fix is the first fixtures you fit in a job for example if you was running a lightning circuit in a bedroom the first fix would be the un live wires running to the light, the light switch and the supply and the second fix would be the light appliance and the switch itself. When all are installed and safe the circuit would be complete and the first and second fix would be finished.

If you was to install units in a new kitchen the unit carcasses would be first fix and the doors and handles could be classed as secondary fix.

There’s many demos for first and second fix.


Answered 11th Jan 2019

Hello Julia, good question.

I will use a new build home for my examples of 1st and 2nd fix joinery.

Examples of first fix joinery are:
First floor joists
Stair case
Installing a floor from T & G pine or chipboard
constructing a roof
Stud walls and door frames

Examples of 2nd fix Joinery
Hanging doors
Skirting board
Window sills
Curtain battens

Hope this helps

Regards Brian


Answered 11th Jan 2019

Hi Julia,
As I'm a kitchen fitter when I remove an old kitchen I would have a electrician and plumber to 1st fix before installation of the new kitchen which would mean new wires for appliances, under unit lights, extractor, plumber for re routing of pipes for sink if required or gas pipe for hob/cooker then once I'm finished they would come back to 2nd fix ie connecting sink, appliances, lights.


Answered 11th Jan 2019

First fix is the messy behind the scenes stuff...

Second fix is the finishing touches....


Answered 12th Jan 2019

HI, first fix comprises all the work needed to take a building from foundation to putting plaster on the internal walls. This includes constructing walls, floors and ceilings, and inserting cables for electrical supply and pipes for water supply. Second fix comprises all the work after the plastering to a finished house.

Hope this Help
Regards Tomas


Answered 12th Jan 2019

1st fix before plastering and boarding 2nd fix after


Answered 17th Jan 2019

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