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Veining in bricks when it rains

I would like to ask about a possible issue we are seeing with the bricks that support our windows on the external of our house.

After we have had rain and whilst the bricks are drying out you can see a veining type pattern in the bricks as though they are cracked where the water in the cracks (or veins) hasn’t dried out as quickly as the rest of the bricks. As we are in a new build we have asked the contractor to assess, they have been round and given the bricks an acid wash and said the bricks are perfectly fine, however we are concerned as this issue doesn’t seem to occur on any of the other houses in the development and even after the wash treatment has been given you can still see the veining after we have had rain.

Is this normal to see or are the developers fobbing us off as we don’t know any better? It occurs on pretty much all the external bricks under our windows, hence the query.

Also the mortar between the bricks is also showing signs of cracking which we haven’t chased up to far just yet in case the bricks need additional works.

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It doesn't matter what the problem is as the firm will never tell you if there is one and will go to extreme lengths to avoid any financial responsibility. If the mortar is cracking on a new build its really badly built. Get a professional firm who specialise in this sort of problem in to assess it and get them to deal with the house builders. You will be effectively ignored until you get someone professional involved. They probably have a certain amount of time to deal with problems and then don't have to after that. The house builders will have had the property signed off by someone, find out who that is and question them, the people who signed the warranty most probably. It could be a lot of things such as water getting into the cavity and draining out through the windows or the sealant on the windows might be blown or not there.


Answered 10th Jan 2019

I have seen this on a number of new site builds .. Some settling
but ideally the mortar should be touching the bricks ! water will start creeping in
its needs repointing and sealing , as Hortos landscaping said also get all the surrounding window seals checked as well .
it should be under warranty and they will possibly contract the work out to a reputable finisher tidy up tradesman . your not happy end of they are obliged to sort it .


Answered 11th Jan 2019

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