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Moving an internal door

I need to move a door in a livingroom by around a doors length does anyone know how easy this is to do?

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If it isn’t a supporting wall it can be done but I would recommend getting a Exspert in to help .
You would need to replaster , rehang the door , remove and replace skirting facing , and also make sure there are no pipes or scervices in the wall .

Get it wrong you could double your cost or more .

Regards Jason


Answered 7th Jan 2019

Easy, 100 percent YES


Answered 8th Jan 2019

This is a pretty simply job, so yes easy enough. Shouldnt be too expensive either as you should be able to re-use the original door and ironmongery maybe architraves. Beware of any electrical switch usually to inside of the door opening.

Gd luck


Answered 8th Jan 2019

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