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Is there a solution to this loft problem?

I have had so many builders working on this project. The 1st builder put the loft space wrong and now I'm suffering. Do you have a solution to this Pls? The ceiling and walls have already been skimmed

Ot’s the space for the lift ladders. The wood around it can’t be fixed for one of the wall because the pillar is in the way. The skimm for this wall is also crackign

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Could you go into a bit more detail as to what you mean? If there are walls in the wrong place? Floor level wrong height? Etc? Unfortunately IF the walls are already skimmed then yes that is a bit of a problem. It can be fixed at a cost. Generally it’s a matter of demo the plasterboard but the stud wall itself can be saved and moved or adjusted, reboarded and skimmed. Hopefully you have no pipes or electrical work running thru them that can’t add to the cost.


Am finding it hard to picture what you mean. I understand the skim is cracking which could mean a few things. The plasterboard itself may not be fixed to the stud work properly. Lack of screws etc. Also where 2 boards meet there should be scrim cloth which prevents cracks at the joint. Cracking could also be down to poor plastering workmanship also.

The timber around your opening to your attic opening am a bit lost on as am not sure what you mean. If I could get a photo of what you mean I could help more sorry.


Answered 6th Jan 2019

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