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Do we need a pipe stat?

We have an Ideal Icos boiler installed in our garage fitted with a frost stat.At night during spells of very cold weather the frost stat kicks in, as it should, but the boiler then stays on until the air temperature rises. Two heating engineers failed to come up with a solution. We came up with a temp fix by putting a small radiator under the frost stat but this is far from ideal and is also expensive. Would we be correct in thinking that we need a pipe stat as well as a frost stat and if so how much would it cost to have one fitted.

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fix the frost stat over the top of the boiler as close as possible ,the ambiant heat will rise so therefore when the boiler cools the frost stat comes on thereby protecting the boiler,and when it feels the heat it turns off.

Answered 8th Feb 2012

sovereign plumbing and heating

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needs a pipestat set at about 12 degrees to switch the heat off ,frost stat will come on at 4-5degrees pump a small amount of heat around and then switch off at 12 degrees ,can buy one for about £20

Answered 8th Feb 2012

Paul Caton Gas Services

Member since 23 Mar 2010

READ THIS IT FOUND IN YOUR IDEAL INSTALLATION MANUAL IF YOU HAVE LOST IT YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT FROM http://www.idealheating.com/downloads/manuals/206064_inst.pdf
I am a bit surprised that two heating engineers have failed to find a solution when the answer is in the INSTALLATION MANUAL it reads as follows(

(copied and pasted from Ideal Logic+ installation manual)

Frost protection
If parts of the pipework run outside the house or if the
boiler will be left off for more than a day or so then a
frost thermostat should be wired into the system.
This is usually done at the programmer, in which case
the programmer selector switches are set to OFF
and all the other controls MUST be left in the running
The frost thermostat should be sited in a cold place
but where it can sense heat from the system.
Note. If the boiler is installed in a garage it may be
necessary to fit a pipe thermostat, preferably on the
return pipework

Answered 8th Feb 2012

April Showers

Member since 18 Oct 2011

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