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Built in loft cupboards

hi there,

We are looking at moving the master bedroom into the loft. The loft has already been converted but there is a lack of storage. Current there is only one small BIC.

We are looking at converting some of the Roof Space, currently used for storage, to convert into BIC (shelves, hanging) as well as utilising the eave space better for additional storage.

Understanding its very difficult to advise without seeing the space but I am just looking for a general cost estimate for installing cupboards into the loft as well as rough time taken to build cupboards.

Many thanks

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Hi not much storage in at the eave space .plus space gets small as you go back into the eaves but it dos work . Once you have located the best place to put your opening. I assume it is plaster boarded .cut out your frame size you might have to cut out one timber upright will be fine if the loft had steel put in or if its a purloin it is still ok as you will need doors. All around the eaves area is vented for air circulation plus you need draft excluder around the doors . Like you z it is verry difficult with no photos. Martin


Answered 3rd Jan 2019

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