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Hi there,

I have a combiboiler installed in my living room, which is connected to TRV controlled radiators in each of the rooms.

I have smoke alarms installed in each room, but also want to install a Carbon Monoxide alarm and/or a gas alarm. From reading online it sounds like the CO alarm needs to be installed in the same room as the boiler. Do I also need to install one in the bedrooms? If not, should I be installing gas alarms in any of the rooms?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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Hi. CO Alarms / carbon monoxide alarms should really be installed in rooms that contain gas fires or boilers. No harm in having one in the kitchen as gas cookers are also prone to Carbon monoxide .Be aware that carbon monoxide has the same " relative density " as air.1. So as warm air rises so does Carbon monoxide. The best place to place a carbon monoxide detector is 1.5 metres away from the gas appliance and around 2 - 2.2 metres above floor level. The reason for this is if the gas appliance is faulty and leaking carbon monoxide, then as i said it rises and as the heat cools it will lower into the room causing tiredness. Fatigue. Sickness . Headaches. Fatality. etc. Depending on how much the faulty gas appliance is leaking Carbon monoxide will result in slow continuous poisoning or a very quick death. Its definitely worth purchasing an audible CO detector. Around £20 from screwfix or toolstation or other stockists. Do yourself a favour... buy one. One very important thing to remember when purchasing a Carbon monoxide detector... DON'T purchase the non audible ones. The ones that change colour but do not let off a noise when CO is present. You might not get the chance to lift yourself off the sofa or floor if you have collapsed from poisoning.


Answered 3rd Jan 2019



Answered 2nd Jan 2019

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