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My solid wood kitchen worktops are looking worse for wear and I would like to sand them down and refinish them.

I am a little overwhelmed and confused about all the information and products out there.

As i am renting my property out next year, i would like something a little more hardwearing than oil on them. I had settled on brushable lacquer.

I have seen that this is different to varnish but it is a good hardwearing finish for tables etc and it is food safe once it is fully cured. However, i have also seen that it is not suitable for food preparation surfaces and that it shouldnt be used on solid wood. Polyurethane may come out plasticy looking so i was not taken with the idea of it.

So alot of conflicting information and I would appreciate some clarity and any products that you may recommend!

Thank you

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I my opinion a good quality oil is the best way to treat kitchen tops I’m afraid. Any varnish will blister over time. Oil penetrates the surface and as such repels any liquid if you have time apply 4-5 coats before you leave or rent out your property this should give it more than enough protection.

Regards Mike


Answered 27th Dec 2018

For a good strong finish i would recommend 4-6 coats of Osmo Oil will do the trick perfect, either apply with a paintbrush or a nice clean rag for no strokes.
Hope that helps.


Answered 28th Dec 2018

a good quality oil will work ,,multiple coats,,, but it is very important that all the old finish is removed and sanded to a high standard back to bare wood,,, or you will not get a good result.....james


Answered 28th Dec 2018

Hi Saulchow
I would remove all old coatings to worktops
Clean down worktops
Bleach the worktops if you have any water marks on them remove all Debris
Then use Sadolin PV 67 two or three coats it's food safe and very hard wearing
Rub down between coats using sanding pads


Answered 31st Dec 2018

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