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Lpg installation to neff gas hob

I am a self builder trying to complete a new build bungalow which was started by my father but wasn`t completed before my father died. My father had a gas hob installed which he bought off a plumber friend he knew which was jetted for natural gas but as there is no mains gas in our very rural area, I obtained the LPG conversion jets. The propane gas supply pipe is located under the concrete floor of the bungalow and runs from outside the bungalow and comes up through the kitchen floor adjacent to the hob. The supply pipe is 10mm copper and runs for about 5 metres from the twin cylinders with automatic change over control to just inside the kitchen of the bungalow. I got a gas safe man, who stated that he was qualified to work with LPG to install the change over valve/regulator (new). From the regulator he ran 15mm copper pipe the short distance to the 10mm copper pipe outside the bungalow and from the 10mm copper pipe which came up through the kitchen floor he connected this via a shut off valve to 15mm pipe to the gas hob. All pipe joins were done properly with soldered fittings. He also installed the new lpg replacement jets althoug he confessed he had difficulty in reading the numbers on these jets. He declared everything to be working , was paid in full and left the site. I tried lighting the burners on the hob the next day but even at full supply according to the gas knobs controls the burners seem to be barely alight and quickly go out after getting any of the 5 burners to light. It may seem that the gas supply is somehow restricted and that the 10mm pipe is too small but we are living on a mobile home on the site which also has a LPG hob and oven supplied by a 8mm pipe which runs about the same distance from the cylinder to the hob and oven (as the bungalow installation) and gives excellent flame from all burners even with the oven on too ! Can anyone help with diagnosing the problem. I was assured by the lpg conversion jet supplier that the correct jets were supplied and the gas man said it was working when he tried it immediately after doing the installation.

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Did the gas engineer do an calorific gas analysis based on how many appliances you are running off the LPG.
From the regulator he should have ran 22mm copper pipe the short distance to the 15mm copper pipe outside the bungalow and from the 15mm copper pipe which came up through the kitchen floor he should have connected this via a shut off valve to 15mm pipe to the gas hob.
He should not have installed injectors if he wasn't sure.


Answered 26th Dec 2018

What puzzles me about this install is that you paid him for his work without asking him to demonstrate
before money exchange hands or even checking the correct operation of the hob in question first!

Normal procedure is that we test that the appliance is working correctly before showing the customer, why did this very simple procedure escape your attention?


Answered 29th Dec 2018

Put a complaint into Gas Safe, they'll be able to help sort it out


Answered 4th Jan 2019

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