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Replacement, what's the best way?

All of the soffits and fascia are currently wooden. Part of it looks rotten, so can I replace the wood and then cap it, or would it be better to just take the wood down and replace with plastic? I have been told that taking the original wood down could weaken the overall structure.

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You could replace rotten timber, but it would be better to replace it with plastic.
Taking down the timber will not weaken the structure.


Answered 18th Dec 2018

On most occasions you would take off the rotten wood which I assume is the original fascia board,and replace it with a tanalised or treated piece of timber, making sure the ends of your rafters are not rooted as well.
Then cap over that with plastic. The other alternative is to use a jumbo board which a thick plastic fascia board that doesn’t need a timber backing board.


Answered 18th Dec 2018

you would be better with P.V.C. full replacement fascia & soffits , capping boards only really slow down the process of the wood behind the plastic rotten .

good luck Alex


Answered 18th Dec 2018

You should never cap over existing fascia this will cause the original timber to sweat and rot quicker. Old timber fascias should be removed before any pvc is installed, taking of the old timber fascia will cause no issue to the structure of the roof.


Answered 8th Jan 2019

Hello sorry to jump in a little late the better option is to remove all wooden facia making sure the end or the rafters aren’t rotten and replacing with a UPVC replacement facia board wich is a lot thicker than a capping board


Answered 18th Jan 2019

Appologises, removing wooden fascia boards and simply replacing them with plastic boards is not right. I have seen many jobs over the years where companies have don't this and it has caused the roofline to dip and sag. This is because upvc boards have little to no structural strength. Whereas solid timber does. If boards are removed then additional timber work between rafters is needed to add strength. Then upvc boards can be installed. Also as long capping boards are installed correctly there is no issue with them. Hope this helps David


Answered 11th Mar 2019

Capping the existing timber is fine as long as the timber is sound and you achieve ventilation through the soffit. This can be achieved by installing circular vents- relatively cost effective and easy to install. You would also have to make sure your roof is sound at eave level.


Answered 2nd May 2019

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