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I hired a landscaping contractor almost a month ago. He gave me a quote and I agreed to it. I gave him a deposit of around £1000 pound as well. over a period of month he has only visited the site twice for few hours and hasn't done anything. The only thing he has done is made my back garden look like a war front. Very unprofessional, never returns my calls or replies to me messages and not giving me any timeline . I got fed up and asked for my deposit back. He wants to charge me £320 for labour for those few hours he showed up and £270 more as he is saying he has to return the materials he bought for the job. now he has stopped responding to my calls and texts all together.
Could someone please advice me as what can i do or wehat are my options.


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Contact him and tell him that you will be taking legal advice with a view to court action if the money, less costs that you think are reasonable, so cost of materials and labour, within two weeks from the date and time that you include in your contact.

In the meantime contact your local CAB and see what they say.

If you need to take him to court for small claims then it costs you £30 last I looked and he will end up with a CCJ that he has to pay you, and costs that he has to pay the court.

If you can find evidence on social media that he has done this to others, or even ask if he has done it to others then include that when you talk to the CAB.

DO NOT under any circumstances start, or become involved in, any kind of unpleasantness with him!!! This will work against you.

(If you are in mid-south wales, let me know and I will be happy to come and have a look at putting things right for you. There is a guy round here making me a fortune by making a mess of things and I go along behind him and put it all right. He is much cheaper than my usual advertising methods!!!)


Answered 13th Dec 2018

There is an option of taking him to a small claims court. Do you have all receipts? That will help you


Answered 13th Dec 2018

There are plenty of tradesmen out there that would be willing to supply all materials and get paid when the customer is completely satisfied with the service I find also it helps win jobs I really don't agree with handing out hard earned cash to a tradesman you don't know asking to be messed around really


Answered 17th Dec 2018

I know it's too late for you , but anyone else thinking of parting with money
Before the work is even started DONT DO IT !! there are a lot of Cowboys
Around . If you have his address the best.option is a small claims court.
If he is taking materials back he will get his money back so why is he asking you for
£270? Find another company with references/ good feedback and you should be ok.
Good luck, Kev.


Answered 17th Dec 2018

Nightmare! Verbal agreement no doubt! It's difficult legally... a decent company should have given you it in writing however try to work with the person and get the best result you can before ditching them and getting another trader. Issue is if you go down the SCT (small claims track) it's a year plus to get any money and without paperwork you may well get nothing and loose your costs! Put it down to experience and move on..I wouldn't have him back period! luckily there are some great companies out their so don't get upset. It's not a huge amount so it's not life changing. Sorry to hear this all the same 🙈


Answered 6th Feb 2019

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