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Hi, i have a very old farm house and the walls in the one room are quite bad, is it ok to plasterboard and skim them or should they be rendered and plastered?

It's really just to put my mind at rest as every room in the house has been plasterboarded and I'm worried as the walls are so old and crumbly that it's just masking the problem and they will continue to crumble behind the plasterboads.

And the other thing is if the plasterer didn't seal the walls behind the boards will there be trouble further on.

Many thanks in advance for any advice.

Thankyou for your answers, I really appreciate you taking the time.
The walls are stone and that is ok, the crumbling is the very old plaster (or whatever they used over a hundred years ago)

I shall pass your advice on.

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You could be making the problems worse by boarding over the walls, it sounds as if your walls would have originally been done in a lime render, and should be reinstated with the same method.
The walls need to breathe, boarding over is just hiding the problems and using any sand/cement renders will cause problems.
You need a plasterer who can do lime plastering to look at it.


Answered 8th Feb 2012

Hi Joanne, Right first things first unless the walls are modern breeze block or brick the walls should always be sealed mainly because the adhesive or backing plaster will lose its key and because yours is a old farm house and the stonework or brickwork may be loose there may need to be a little strengthening first but that's only if its quite loose. Depending on what style you are after boarding the walls will give you square sharp looking room that is also warmer with the extra cavity the boards give , wet plaster gives a solid fixing but depending on hoe bad the walls are may not be as flat or square both have good sides an cost around the same I hope this information has been helpful to you Joanne.

Brian, Streamline Plasterers

I also agree with N.L.M lime render had its time and now we have new methods and materials for homes and buildings, if the stone work is fine then its just a case of either solid plastering again or drylining .


Answered 9th Feb 2012

If it was my house i would hack all the old plaster and replaster all the walls with a sand and cement render with S.B.R and rendo as this will bind all together and the rendo will prevent any damp.
Hope this helps N.L.M

Bjd i think you should stick to your roofing.
the reason old houses render is cumong away its because of lime render.
Using sand and cement render on old house is FINE we do a lot off damp proofing work for tesco insurance where we chop the old LIME RENDER off and replace with modern sand/cement with the additives.
So there you are you can listern to REAL Plasterers or a ROOFER YOUR CALL


Answered 9th Feb 2012

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