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Hi, can you help. we have had a leak in the kitchen and the insurance company says the entire floating floor needs replacing.

2 questions really. I have lifted the laminate floor and found that only one chipboard sheet has been damaged, and that is under the unit. I already understood the structure and concept of a floating floor, and the insurance assesser confirmed that. He said bodge it builders would try and put a batton in on the join to replace just a small damaged part. I see that the glued joints on the chipboard floor form, what is one single sheet, however is there a way i can join it to be just as good. eg, biscuit joint, or even a 3mm ply strip to add as a full length biscuit? I was thinking this might be ok as the joint will be in under the plinth. This is my girlfriends house so i want to do it right. Your advices appreciated. Thats part 1. How much to remove kitchen (9 base units) 3 worktops (2 mason miters) one sink one hob and one integrated oven. remove breakfast bar wall (1200 X 2000 including tiles) remove, and refit 18m of floating floor and kitchen grade laminate. including underlay.Supply and fit new 1000 base unit, Re instate kitchen to include supply and fit of 4 x 3 m of med quality laminate worktops, again 2 mason miters and 2 cut outs. Re build breakfast bar wall and re tile 5 sq m.(breakfast bar wall has one double socket), Gas hob, electric oven. Supply and fit new skirting (10 l m) and re emulsion 3 walls total 15 sq m. My trade is more plumbing but have a have a go attitiude and am pretty good with my hands, and am confident i can do the job right, just have no idea how much to charge the insurance company. A fair but profitable figure is what im after. All good answers will be liked :) cheeers guys, hope i can help you in return some time. Jez

add on. board damaged is in the corner so only need join two edges, and entirely under sink unit. floor floating on what i think is 20mm jablite (polestyrene). Also think floating floor is on block and beam as i can feel concrete under the polestyrene, but there are 11 air bricks around the house.

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Reference biscuit jointing/ ply tongue a floating floor, seems a lot of hassle but could be done if you can get to it...and then get the new piece to slide in... be easier if the sheet is on the end of a run...wouldn't fancy your chances if it's in-between of two other sheets in the run and have 3 sides to line up etc... You might be lucky and find the joint is only glued at the top of the board...try running a stanley knife down the joint, it might come apart would have to do replace the whole floor to do it properly...

I wouldn't price the rest without seeing it to be honest... but at a guess 5k

Answered 25th Mar 2011

Rebel Carpenter

Member since 24 Sep 2008

first you would need to remove the unit(s) to see the extent of damage floor, and what is the floor sitting on to make it floating (polestyrne??) if this the case then yes the whole floor would has to come up you wouldn't be able to get biscuits in and keep the joints tight with the rest put ad on my builder and get quotes

Answered 25th Mar 2011


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noooo it doesnt all need replacing and i wouldn't biscuit joint a floor panel wouldnt think it would work too well just replace the broken panel with a new one

Answered 10th Aug 2012

ARK roofing specialists

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entire floor needs replacing!!!!! i would only replace damaged floor . best bet try and remove base unit/s .repair floor put units back in you may need a new sink unit if breaks when removing . job done

Answered 27th Mar 2011

RS installations

Member since 25 Mar 2011

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