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Toilette overflow

My toilette is overflowing internally and the water is dripping inside the toilette

My toilette is new and doesnt have a ball inside, but i dont know where the problem is when i lift the toilette to look inside

After flushing the water doesnt stop and goes inside the pipe then comes inside the toilette

where do i look to replace the washer or whatever it is?

please please help

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There should be an adjustable float on the inlet valve, take the lid off the toilet cistern, then flush the toilet you should observe the water filing and lifting the float, adjust the float so the water reaches the 6 ltr mark, just below the overflow, also check to see the float moves up and down freely.

Another reason for water overflowing, could be due to a faulty or sticking drop valve, this is the large valve in the cistern. They have a large seal on the bottom, you need to twist the valve and it will come apart, check the valve seal for damage .
You would have to get the make and model of cistern and go to your local plumbers merchant for replacement parts or valve

Also check the flush push button is not stuck, which could partialy lift the drop valve, letting water continualy run in to toilet pan.

I hope this helps
John Renshaw
Aquafit Ceramics

Answered 7th Feb 2012

Aquafit Ceramics

Member since 23 Nov 2011

most probable cause is that the float valve needs adjusting down to stop the inlet valve delivering water into the cistern. If set too high then the water will reach the set height of the internal overflow on the siphon and overflow. Setting the float valve down will cut off the water before it empties over and into the toilet pan.

Answered 7th Feb 2012

AMS Bathrooms

Member since 16 Sep 2011

sounds like the inlet valve is faulty or needs adjusting, best to call someone in and get them to have a look

Answered 7th Feb 2012

Park Plumbing & Tiling

Member since 16 Nov 2010

It is the problem with inlet valve (water supply), so need to be adjusted (as it's new) or changed if broken. New valve is few pounds, work quick and simple.
Regards, Konrad

Answered 7th Feb 2012

Provini Trades

Member since 10 Mar 2010

if the toilet is new, check first of all that it is not overfilling rather than having a washer leaking etc. you should have had instructions supplied with the toilet, if you did check these first. there is usually an upside down cup on a spiral spindle (best way i can describe it) this can be rotated to raise or lower the water shut off level. hard to explain further without seeing the innards as they vary a lot. hope this is of some use. regards

Answered 7th Feb 2012


Member since 20 Jul 2008

If your toilet is new the installer should be called back to rectify the problem,with the new type cisterns there is a big washer at the bottom of the cistern, it seems some debris of some sort is underneath it, some just lift out some have abeyonet type fixing.

Answered 7th Feb 2012

sovereign plumbing and heating

Member since 23 Nov 2011

Have had this problem with some of the B&Q toilets we used last year,The water going into the pan is from the overflow, try adjusting the height of the float inside ( usually there is a screw adjustment) so that it shuts off before it reaches the overflow level.

Answered 7th Feb 2012

D.S.Lewis Building and Carpentry Contractors

Member since 21 Nov 2008

Hi, you require new cistern. It's the internal part of the toilet that creates the flush. 10-20 for parts dependant on supplier. 40 to replace.
Dec build

Answered 8th Feb 2012

Dec-Build Builders

Member since 10 Feb 2011

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