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New kitchen and they chose a recirculating cooker hood instead of extractor hood

Hi, just had a new kitchen fitted but they have given us a recirculating cooker hood and not an extractor hood. This means the smells and steam go back into the kitchen. They didn't even give me the choice. They have plastered the hole in the ceiling where the previous extractor went. Is there anything I can do about it now? Any advice is much appreciated.

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These fans are not great I have one fitted in the house we rent and afterwards had to get an ordinary fan cored out through the kitchen wall to take away any excess cooking smell and steam


Answered 4th Dec 2018

if It’s on an external wall then core a hole and fit a new extractor, or maybe your recirc can be vented also


Answered 4th Dec 2018

With regards to the smell, have you got carbon filters fitted? This would take away the smell in a recirculating extractor. The clean air is then let back into the room at the top of extractor.
These should have been supplied with the extractor.
If you were quoted for extractor to be fitted then it should say if it was vented out. Then you would be within your rights to get them to alter it if you wanted.
hope this helps


Answered 5th Dec 2018

Normally extractors are suitable for both - ducting and recirculation. Ducting out is always better but recirculation is an option if ducting is too complicated or impossible. I can agree that recirculating has to be fitted with carbon filters what you need to change from time to time depending on cooking, says once or twice in a year.
If you had a hole and it was in the right possition, you can check the ectractor suitability by model online. And if it is suitable for ducting then you just need to open the same hole. I cant say for sure as probably it was too complicated to run it through the ceiling, says pipe broken, diameter not big enougth or whatewer.
I would try to check if there are carbon filters installed and would install them if not to check how it works.


Answered 5th Dec 2020

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