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Need a new roof, asphalt or grp?

We've currently got a flat asphalt roof, the current fall isn't enough and it also needs a re deck. So we are going to redo it all and don't really know what is better. We are thinking of GRP... what would be the steps (and materials used) for re-doing our roof with GRP?

Also when we do the roof can we still live there, or do we have to move out?

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These are not your only options. I use two products. Repnol and rubbaseal.
These are both rubber products, the latter made by firestone.
In my experience these products are much more resilient than conventional methods.
If your existing roof design comprises of anything more than a moderate complexity, then I would use fibre glass.
I say this because the rubber products don't fair well with very complex gullies, reveals.
Please do insist on using WBP plywood deck instead of clipboard.
And no you shouldn't have to move out so-long as your ceiling is being kept intact.

I hope this is helpful.
Regards Louis.


Answered 8th Feb 2012

Personally Id go with epdm, with the 25yr gaurantee.
You can still live there while the work is being done.


Answered 7th Feb 2012

the best roofing material is edpm single sheet will last longer than any other materials

no you do not need to move out its only the roof


Answered 7th Feb 2012

GRP has a much much longer life than asphalt and has no joins that can Leak
so as you asked which is better GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) is better but needs to be done by experienced persons.
cant say for sure if you have to move out but nit normally unless major building works required with the roof
Hope this Helps


Answered 7th Feb 2012

i would have to come and look to no if you had to move out but both felt and fibreglass have good point and bad point but if properly installed the felt should last 10 years i give at least a 10 years life span on all my flat roofs and it s 70 percent cheaper then most
fibreglass companys would charge


Answered 8th Feb 2012

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