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Hi, we have been having a small extention built to enlarge our hall, the builder is nearly finished.

i have a concern about how he has fitted the front door which is made of hardwood that i painted before he hung it. The thing is the bottom 8-12inches of door is very wet, as is the door step. we have had below freezing temps. which has made it worst, when looking at the door he has cut a notch out all the way along the bottom width of the door which is about 2/3 depths of the door. what is left of the door sits up to a metal plate which protrudes upwards from the step.Is this normal?

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This is normal , do you have an angled strip of wood attached to the outside of the door at the bottom (weather bar)this deflects rainwater away from the could be that the weather blows towards the door and is causing adverse moisture.
Pj jarvs&jarvis

Answered 7th Feb 2012

Jarvis & Jarvis

Member since 31 Oct 2010

Hi, what you describe sounds fine to me, the notch you refer to is the door rebate the piece of metal on the sill creates a weather-strip ensuring a good seal, this prevents water entering under the door. There should also be a weather bar fixed to the bottom of the door, this throws of any rain water pushing it away from the bottom of the door.

The wet patch is most likely due to rain water splashing on the step and up against the door. By the sounds of things the weather bar may not be fixed yet this can solve the problem of damp at the base of the door.

Hope that helps

Answered 7th Feb 2012

MRG Building Contractors

Member since 29 Jan 2012

Firstly have you discussed your concern with the builder?

Secondly from your discription I would assume the front door opers inwards,in which case you have a cill on the frame with either a plastic or metal ( which would suit your discription) weather bar that is designed to stop water flowwing under the door, naturally the door will have to be rebated to fit around the bar. The builder would then also fit a timber weather board to the face of the door that sits just above the metal in order to deflect the rail further.

Hope this helps to answer your question.

Answered 7th Feb 2012

D.S.Lewis Building and Carpentry Contractors

Member since 21 Nov 2008

Yes this is normal, it is cut like that to fit over the threshold bar, stops water etc coming in, he will probably fit a hardwood weather strip to front/bottom of door.

Answered 7th Feb 2012


Member since 29 Oct 2008


By what your describing this is a weather bar which stop's the rain coming under the door that he has cut out for.Providing he has protected the bare wood under the door you shouldn't have any problems.



Answered 7th Feb 2012

STM & Daughters

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I believe the notch you are refering to is a rebate along the whole width of the door which should butt up against the "water bar", which as you say protrudes upwards from the step. This is the correct procedure, as this bar is there to prevent rain and snow being driven by wind, under the door. At the bottom of the door should be fixed a wheather -bar to further aid keeping the weather out. You say that the door is wet, is this being soaked up into the raw / exposed timber at the bottom, or through the face.

Answered 7th Feb 2012

B M Joinery Solutions

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s notched over the weather bar yes this is normal or you take that away and have a weather cill fitted which catches water and dispells it out in metal channel it has been done correct but have given a alternative way of undertaking job
thanks richard

Answered 7th Feb 2012


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bottomof door has a rebate in it to go over the metal weather bar should have wooden drip bar on the outside of the door

Answered 7th Feb 2012

michael odell

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dont sound normal ,sounds like a trip hazzard lol ,without seeing a detail like this it is hard to give you accurate advice ,but it sounds like you have a piece of metal trim protruding from your threshold which i cannot think the reason for this being there

Answered 7th Feb 2012


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Hi there,

It sounds like some sort of weather seal for the bottom of the door but without seeing it it is hard to make an assessment.

Would it be possible for you to send me some pictures of the door and the area concerned?

You can send them to

Kind regards

Michael Vaughan

Answered 7th Feb 2012

MEV Carpentry Services

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Yes that is a completely conventional weather seal method.
Just make sure that all surfaces are painted with a decent primer and paint.
Louis kingwill.

Answered 8th Feb 2012

Louis Kingwill

Member since 2 Dec 2009

This Is Quite normal providing it is done right . You have your door as a weather side so rain drives against the door and runs down accumilating at the bottom. However a good hardwood weather drip fitted neatly over the height of the protruding bar glued and screwd at the bottom of the door should throw the water out and over the metal bar. You wont be able to stop the rain & wind driving on the door apart from fitting a porch but then you would still have that problem on the porch door unless you fit UPVC .
Hope this helps

Answered 8th Feb 2012


Member since 6 Apr 2008

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