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Wonder if you good folks can offer some advice please;
We've recently had some decking put up by a local firm. Relatively simple job of a square section out from our lounge followed by a rectangular section that runs along the side of the house;
However, the square section has had a post put in in the wrong place and rather than take it out and re-cement it in, the decking has been 'adjusted' to compensate.
Along with this, the part of the decking that runs along the side of the house has had the supporting posts put in at unequal distances apart creating 3 sections of different length. This seems like a poor attention to detail to my eyes and one that can be easily corrected by taking the posts out, re-positioning them and then creating the 3 equal sections.
The overall quality and attention to detail has been poor throughout the job and so far we've had to ask the company back 4 times to correct the issues. They're due back hopefully once more but it's all getting rather difficult with them now to say the least.

Could anyone offer their thoughts on this please



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Hi Dan!

You've actually hit the nail on the head with your statement, this sounds like poor attention to detail and inadequate planning in terms of the support-post locations. It is difficult, actually, impossible to comment on the structural aspects of your issue without looking at the project itself, however the fact remains that you, as a customer, are not happy with the works!

Any reputable business or tradesman would openly discuss this issue with you and take your steer if you're not entirely satisfied. I would push back and expect A) refit the posts or B) satisfy your questions in terms of structural stability and visuals.


Answered 2nd Dec 2018

Hello Dan.
The fact that he has come back several times means 2 things in my eyes.
1 perhaps he hasn't got adaquate knowledge about the job.
2. At least he is coming back ( a lot don't bother once paid )
Hope you get sorted in the end. Kev.


Answered 17th Dec 2018

Hi Dan,
Many decking installers erect the framework differently,
Some place their posts in first at random which throws me,
This is the method he's probably used.
I've seen some dodgy framework as if sheds are going on them and I've seen some done by joiners that I've ripped out.
I always say that if the framework is impressive then you're going to love the Finnished project.


Answered 18th Jan 2019

Hey Dan.. been doing this since the 80's have a nose on you tube how it's generally done so you have some ammo before they come back!! A decent deck is made from tantalised timber. 150mm x 47mm treated framing and cross sections at 400mm equal (Ish) centres are normal. Run a level over it as well or better still a tight string line to fetch out and dips (bellies) etc. It should feel solid to walk on and not like something your taking with you when you move! Posts should be at least 100mm square treated.



Answered 6th Feb 2019

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