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Tree growing through back wall

it looks like i have a tree branch growing through my back wall. it has dislodged a few bricks. what action should i take to sort it

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im guessing ,maybe cut the branch ,prune it back ,trim it off lol


Answered 6th Feb 2012

Hi Mr Maxwell,

The 'Duty of Care' Lies with the persons whom the tree is within the boundry of, usually the centre of the dividing wall, but deeds should be checked for certainty.

Therfore the financial liablity for this lies with the tree owner, to rectify the tree and pays for fixing the wall.

Realistically any part of a tree that is on your side of a boundry can be cut by yourself as long as you return the debris to the tree owner.

Usually it is better to speak with your neighbour and come to an agreement.

I would say the branch needs cutting back and a little pruning doen to ensure that the wall is no longer being compromised by the tree, then the wall be repointed in the affected area.

Plase see these document s for further reference.

Matt Davies
0131 466 7134


Answered 28th Feb 2013

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