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Snow has got blown up between the tiles & entered my loft as the 'cement' between the tiles seems to have degraded in several i need to have a complete re-tile or is there an alternative ?

It is a 1930s roof with rosemary tiles and a glass 'borrowed light' on 1 side but no underfelt that more modern roofs have. There arent holes caused by missing tiles but in high winds i have seen small tile fragments on floor occasionally . It is a semi-detached house and doubt my neighbour would want their side done as well.
The loft insulation had a sandy substance when i got the decs out at xmas but this 1st time i seen lumpy bits on fibreglass.
I have seen underside sprays advertised but have heard they arent all they crack up to be

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Dont have the roof sprayed with foam.
The mortar can be repaired, its called torching, its a lime mix with horse hair added, and pointed back in.


Answered 7th Feb 2012

the cement that is in your loft is a mix of lime mortar and horse hair this can be re-done but cannot be done in temp below 5 deg

you can do a strip and relay, this means removing the tiles felting with a breathable membrane then replacing the existing tiles, its really the only long term solution.

sealing the underside of the roof with foam will only cause your timbers to rot long term. if it was any good it would be standard practice on all new builds.

good luck alex


Answered 7th Feb 2012

you need to have the tiles put back and the cerment but you should have a full roof check


Answered 7th Feb 2012

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