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What is a tee joint

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A tee joint is a connection of two members approximately perpendicular to one another, forming two right angles similar to the letter T. This is a result of one member being connected between the two ends of the other. It differs from a corner joint consisting of a single right angle formed by two members each connected to the other at one end. Many types of members may be used to form tee joints including structural members of wood or metal, pipes or tubes made of concrete or plastic, and more.

There are several ways to form a tee joint. Materials may be adhesively bonded, and a variety of tee connectors are available to join certain types of members together. Members may also be connected with the use of fasteners such as nails or screws, or they may be notched to fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

Sometimes a tee joint will be formed using multiple types of connections for added strength and stability. For example, wooden studs may be notched to fit the two pieces together snugly. They may then be both glued and fastened together with nails or screws as well. hope this helps.

Answered 6th Feb 2012


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It is a T shaped joint / fitting.

Answered 6th Feb 2012

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A joint in which members meet at right angles, forming a T.

Answered 6th Feb 2012


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If you do a search for "tee joint" on google, then click images, you will find lots of pictures of the joint. Its a simple way of joining timbers in the shape of a T

Answered 7th Feb 2012

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