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Blockage/drainage issue in bathroom

Today I noticed that my toilet is filling up much higher than normal when flushing, and then draining away quickly to a very low level of water after, it’s also making a bit of a clunky noise when you flush. I then had a shower and my bath hasn’t fully drained away and now there’s just water sitting in there.

I live in a ground floor flat, could this issue be specific to my flat or will it be affecting the block? And does it sound like a blockage?

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you have a partial blockage in your drains, it builds up till the pressure forces it through the blockage filling the whole pipe causing it to syphon out the trap on the toilet,check any adjacent manhole next to your flat.


Answered 11th Nov 2018

100% blockage.
Check the manhole cover outside and you’ll see the blockage. Ask your neighbour too.

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Answered 11th Nov 2018

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