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Gazco studio 3 ribbon fire

please help I have a gazco studio 3 fire and at the moment not workin I have had 2 engineers out and they still cant find the fault the gas valve has been replaced and still not working i have now been told that it could be the circuit board the cost for part and fit is £210 the problem is that eng not 100% sure if it is the circuit board and have been told it will be non returnable
( a lot of money if thats not the fault) do gas egineers have diagnostic machine that can pin point the fault or could someone please help as to were i can find a gas engineer that specialises in gazco fires in glasgow the company i bought the fire from isnt much help. any info would be greatly appreciated

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dont like saying this but british gas do a one off call out and replace one part,they will sort it for you and if as you say it is the p.c.b it will be far cheaper. down here in manchester its around £150.tom cldebank plumbing & heating


Answered 3rd Feb 2012

Hi, Even if the fire is outside warranty, the manufacturers should help you thoroughly, they have made the appliance! Only the manufacturers can test the fire sometimes only by taking the circuit board back to the factory! which wont happen! Your engineer should study the paperwork/benchmark book that comes with the fire! if your not prepared to pay £200+ for a repair i suggest you forget it! Even if you get it cheaper you still got to pay 60-80 for a engineer that's qualified to fit! Phone the manufacturers and find out if they have a service dept,and will send him with the part from their suppliers!!! If the manufacturers can't help you make a complaint!
British gas is the next best bet as 'Clydebank P=H' mention!



Answered 10th Feb 2012

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