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QuestionCondensation problem in bedroom - recommended vents?

We have condensation problems in a bedroom (nursery). Bedroom has three external walls and is north-facing and is next to kitchen. There is a single glazed window. The room is a lot cooler than the rest of the property.

Rising damp was identified last year and rectified. I found black mould behind furniture a few months ago. I washed it off with tea tree oil (as it's a nursery didn't want to use bleach) but it came back when we were away for two weeks so washed again with bleach and installed a small dehumidifier. We always close door when cooking.

There is a small vent in window. I have been told it is not enough and that I should get another portable heater and install a vent.

I could really do with some advice on this from a tradesman/expert as I'm a bit lost as to what to do. Is there a particular vent that you would recommend?

Looking forward to hear your thoughts!

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Dear Elam,
Ventilation is key in condensation and Black Spot Mould issues, however, we have found that along side trickle vents in windows and additional vents the installation of dry lining onto the external cold wall surfaces assist with the condensation issue. This creates a warm touch environment where condensation rarely form's. We would of course suggest a survey of the area to ensure all possible issues are identified. However, we have successfully eradicated condensation in these types of environment's with the use of ventilation and the dry lining and replastering of the cold areas.
We hope this helps, Annabelle

South East Timber & Damp Limited 3rd Feb, 2012

You need to install extra ventilation, via air bricks, and try to keep furniture away from the walls, you need a good air flow.


Just got to agree with the above comments.

MWB Property Care & MBBathrooms 3rd Feb, 2012

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