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My builder has included hire of tools and charged for others, should i be paying for items like this?

Purchased: cutting blades, saw £90.79, Drill , sand paper, safety gear, grinding discs, Drill 167.70, Gun & Nail £67.93, etc. Hire tools: Plane & grinder, SDS breaker, light breaker,£156, £63.91, 161.20, , etc.

Have also had skips, and a mini digger, strong boys which I can accept. If I paid for a new drill, nail gun or similar, should that be our to keep after?

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Things like sandpaper are a bit extreme but hire tools etc need to be paid by someone.You cant expect a builder to pay for everything out of his wage,he would end up earning nothing! Lots of builders would charge "wear and tear" on items such as breakers,mixers and compactors but hide it in their quotes.If anything,your builder should be given a break for being completely upfront about this.Like i said,we would earn nothing if we paid for everything out of our wage.If you want everything thrown in at our expense, you should look for bobski the builder.He will work for minimum wage.Cant guarantee you can leave him in your home whilst your at work though.In response to your edited question,your builder is taking the p***.Under NO circumstances should you be BUYING his tools.Things like drills,grinders and small breakers should be part of any builders equipment.You should ask him for them at the end of the job as they do not belong to him.I wouldnt have the front to ask a client to BUY my tools.This is the first time i have ever heard of such a thing.

Answered 2nd Feb 2012

Roc builders

Member since 25 Aug 2011

hi you SHOULD NOT be charged for hire of any hand tools mentioned.A builder should really have a light breaker too,when it comes to heavy breakers and machines ie diggers dumpers the builder would normally charge the customer for these.

Answered 2nd Feb 2012

R A Clayton Building Services

Member since 2 Feb 2012

He should nt be charging you extra for using tools,tell this cowboy to take a hike

Answered 2nd Feb 2012

m w building construction and property maintenance

Member since 28 Sep 2008

Hi Sassy, if your tradesman has had to Hire tools in specifically for your job then yes and also if he is using specific tools i.e. diamond tipped grinders etc then yes he can charge you as the cutting wheels are expensive and crucial for the job, although most firms would make this a percentage of the parts or put it under "Plant Hire"
Hope this helps

Kindest regards

Answered 2nd Feb 2012

East Kent Property services Ltd

Member since 16 Jul 2011

Most good builders will have an extensive selection of power and hand tools to suit most everyday jobs, but it's impractical to have every power tool ever made so inevitably some will need to be hired in specially for a particular task.
Consumables like cutting discs and sandpaper are all required for the job so why shouldn't your builder charge you for them.
It's standard practice to charge for plant and tools to do specific tasks, and not something underhand.

Answered 2nd Feb 2012

DS Interior Services Limited

Member since 8 Sep 2009

Consumables like blades etc should have been included in his price.
He should have everything you have listed above so no you should not be paying for hire!

Larger tools such as scaffold towers, large breakers petrol cutters are often something that need hiring but a good establishing building company will also have these

Answered 2nd Feb 2012

House Doctors

Member since 13 Jul 2011

Well i wouldnt list everything if it were me but all costs of any job are always considered and certainly included, i guess your quoter is being thorough?.
**EDIT** after changing the info supplied, no you certainly should not be buying him his tools.
hire tools- yes if agreed in original quote or if work has changed.
Buying him a drill etc- never. I would expect to keep those tools if it were my property

Answered 2nd Feb 2012

Local patios and driveways

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The tradesman you are using should have the right tools for the trade he/she is in, tools sometimes break during the job and sometimes expensive to replace, so hiring is a quick option if the tool is needed quickly, this will only be the odd tool, not the amount you are saying. You should NOT be charged for your tradesman hiring tools.

Answered 2nd Feb 2012

Tomley Paving & Landscaping

Member since 1 Feb 2012

once i have quoted a job that is it ,unless the customer asks for extras ,but all tools and hire equipment is in the quote ,unless your builder is working on day rate for you then yes you are liable ,but the tools will belong to you after ,if he is on price you are not liable and of course the tools would be his ,but like i said i have never come across this before but saying that i always give fully detailed quotations for contracts ,pay cheap pay twice and end up with headaches like this im afraid

Answered 6th Feb 2012


Member since 7 Jun 2008

Cost of hired tools would be included in price.
Only cowboys ask for more money once the job has started.
Loose this cowboy fast.

Answered 6th Feb 2012

m.d.g building

Member since 27 Jul 2008

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