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Laying paving slabs

Hi I am wanting to lay paving slabs on some hard ground I used a wacker plate to make it solid it is not level but as far as I am aware very solid so am I able to cement slabs straight on to the ground for my shed? thanks

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It depends what you mean by a hard surface. If you mean concrete or tarmac then yes you can lay the slabs straight onto this. However if you mean hard earth (which i think you do) then no you would need to lay 100mm min of MOT type 1 hardcore. The earth should be excavated to 100mm and then the type 1 poured in and compacted. The slabs should then be laid on top of this. The slabs should always be laid on a full bed of mortar.


Answered 28th Oct 2018

Same as above if you mean that you have compacted the earth then no you cannot lay onto this.
You will need at least 100mm (4in) of type 1. that then needs compacting. If you compact it properly and nice and level hoenstly you could just lay some wooden bearers on that without using slabs. Or you could lay slabs down on a sand and cement bed if you really wanted. Other option is to pour a 100mm concrete slab.


Answered 26th Nov 2018

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