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How long does it take to dig out a driveway? an average driveway that can accomodate 2 cars. driveway mainy grass , but a small area with concrete about 10% of the driveway is concrete

hiring somebody to do my driveway and i was told digging can be done in half a day

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If you're hiring someone to do it and they've told you half a day,(and i'm assuming they've seen the job and we haven't),why are you asking again on here?
I don't know much about driveways but half a day sounds pretty good going to me...............(depending on manpower of course of which again we don't know) :/

Just going to trot off to Ebay now and get myself a nice shiny new crystal ball........;)

Answered 1st Feb 2012

carl melady

Member since 1 Jun 2008

Firstly are you having brick pavers or tarmac ???? your guy needs to go down a fair depth to allow for hardcore , compacting and finnished layer. A good operator with decent machine should achive this in half a day !

Answered 1st Feb 2012

GJC Carpentry

Member since 23 Jan 2012

Possibly depending on skill of digger driver,how much labour and location of skip/grabber pile.Definetly in a day though.

Answered 1st Feb 2012

Roc builders

Member since 25 Aug 2011

If they are using a machine to dig then yes, half a day for a drive that size sounds about right. If they are on about hand digging it then i would estimate a day and a half for the dig. I would advise to check they are digging pout the right depths as well. A minimum of 400mm from finnished level should be excavated, allowing for 100 mm hardcore (could re use the concrete drive for this) then 200mm of m.o.t (crushed concrete with finnings) all this compacted down with a wacker plate and then a 100mm is left for sand and blocks. some times people only like to use 30mm of sand and most blocks are 50mm so the level could vary slightly. The most important part of a driveway is the depth of the sub base. If it is not thick enough the weight of cars driving on and off over time may move the blocks.

Answered 1st Feb 2012

Habitat Landscapes Ltd

Member since 1 Dec 2011

yes it could. pretty quick these diggers you know

Answered 1st Feb 2012

jd kent

Member since 14 Jun 2008

I would need one day to dig out 8inches, then lay terram and stone up, so digging out in half a day is possible

Answered 1st Feb 2012

Local patios and driveways

Member since 24 Jan 2012

That's true. Especially with a digger. Two men could get the drive dug out and hardcore laid in a day if materials and skip arrived that morning

Answered 1st Feb 2012

Signet Building Ltd

Member since 20 Jan 2012

If the guys using a digger, you was told right.

Answered 1st Feb 2012


Member since 29 Oct 2008

if they have a mini digger then yes ,dug out and grabbed in a day ,but all depends on thickness of concrete to be broken up access ect

Answered 1st Feb 2012


Member since 7 Jun 2008

Half a day to dig out with digger is possible for a organized crew..

Answered 10th Feb 2012

Amber Paving

Member since 2 Feb 2012

I usually aim to be excavated and stoned in 1 day you need a good reliable grab wagon driver go bring the type 1and take away the waste all in one hit, also it depends on the digger driver for a two car driveway after breaking the concrete I would dig in 1 hour

Answered 5th Nov 2014

Member since 3 Nov 2014

For the size of the driveway you have it would be very easily dug out and hardcored in a half day with an organised crew of course with a digger and a grab lorry ordered.

Answered 2nd Nov 2017

Stonecraft Drives and Patios

Member since 24 May 2017

any good compainy should be able to do it in 1 day and put foundation in as well

Answered 1st Feb 2012

a1 homeimprovement

Member since 28 Nov 2011

we could hand dig that size in a day with 3 men and lay compacted sub base. with a digger you would start laying same day total job to finish without any brickwork would take no longer than 3 days depending on levels

Answered 15th Mar 2012

Rightway Driveways

Member since 2 May 2011

On average we dig around 150 m2 a day including grab removal

Answered 17th Apr 2016

JL Paving

Member since 22 Mar 2016

With a mini yes. half a day would fair time. It can save a lot time and labour

Answered 13th Sep 2016

Impact Paving

Member since 3 Sep 2015

Depending on thickness of the concrete and if the work is started early by a skilled machine driver it should be dug up and leveled between 1 and 2 and hardcore layer the same day

Answered 5th Feb 2017

R smith general builders

Member since 3 Feb 2017

Less than a full day, that's starting work at 8 in the morning

Answered 7th Oct 2013

Absolute Paving Services

Member since 25 Feb 2013

Yeah i agree with most of these people if everything runs smoothly i'd get it doug out and stones up one day starting about 8 and be done by 4

Answered 9th Feb 2015

G.C. Landscaping

Member since 9 Feb 2015

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Yes this very possible with a digget

Answered 26th Apr 2016

Unique gardens

Member since 22 Dec 2015

If you start a about 8 in the morning you be finished bye 5 in the afternoon depending on how thick the concrete is .

Answered 26th Apr 2016

Whiterose paving

Member since 26 Apr 2016

All depends on thickness of concrete I have a tonne and a half digger with a pecker and that'll do most concrete fairly easy. 2 car car port I would of said a day depending on where your location is etc

Answered 7th Jan 2015

Courtyard Landscapers

Member since 7 Jan 2015

This all depends on thickness of concrete and if it is reinforced but if it is the average size concrete 2-3 men starting at 8 o'clock and a machine it would be a mornings work and as we use grab lorry for our muckaway if they get to you on time should be all dug out and ready to type 1 by 12-1

Answered 20th Feb 2017

Lifetime driveways

Member since 20 Feb 2017

With the correct knowledge and the right machinery a day and half seems to be about right.

Answered 11th Apr 2017

Design Exteriors

Member since 18 Mar 2017

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With the correct machinery this job could be done in half a day Although you would have to dig a fare dept for a hardcore foundation

Answered 7th Aug 2017

A1 Paving and Landscaping

Member since 31 Jul 2017

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Hi my team can have a 4 car drive dugout membrane and MOT type one In a day but at the most shouldn't take more than two days

Answered 9th Aug 2017

Midlands Resin Stone

Member since 8 Aug 2017

If it's roughly 60 sq metres to 80 then yes depending on if they're using a machine or how Manny guys there is harf a day is about right

Answered 17th Aug 2017

S Moss Driveways and Garden Landscapes

Member since 30 Jul 2017

With the right machinery digger yes can be done in a day no problem if digging by hand then I would say about a day and a half hope this helps

Answered 23rd Aug 2017

Bedfordshire Paving and Landscaping

Member since 23 Aug 2017

About couple of hours digging and scraping if he's a good driver dug out and hardcored in a half day for an area that size.

Answered 16th Jan 2018

A1 Property Care

Member since 11 Jan 2018

That driveway you have suggested would be dug off and the hardore in within one day .

Answered 3rd Feb 2018

Designer Paving and Landscaping

Member since 31 Mar 2017

1 day to dig it out seems about right if you have the correct equipment

Answered 3rd May 2018

Traderight Paving and Landscaping services

Member since 19 Mar 2018

Hi considering the size of your driveway a professional company could easily get it fully dug out within one day

Answered 4th May 2018

Pavemaster Construction Ltd

Member since 4 May 2018

With the right machinery and team You could dig it out and get the hardcore down easily

Answered 28th May 2018

perennial home improvements ltd

Member since 6 Oct 2017


There is nothing to be concerned about as it is a pretty straight forward job to do with a mini digger. If you hire the right person they should make sure to ask you what depth you need and give you advice on how to remove the excess. Depending how many tons of waste you have a skip or a local grab hire service are the best options. In this instance i would suggest a grab hire service. Total time to dig out and get hardcore down is usually one day.

Answered 20th Jun 2018

Hadrians Contracting

Member since 30 Jan 2018

If the driveway is only for 2 cars I would guess at 25-30m2. If the concrete is 10% of driveway this must just be a path. 1 man on a small 1.5 tonne digger could dig up this area to a depth of 250mm-300mm in a few hours. Piling it up within 5metres of the roadside for collection with grab lorry and would all go on in one load. So yes the driveway could be dug out correctly in this amount of time.

Answered 31st Jul 2018

Chapman & son quality driveways and gardens

Member since 27 Jul 2018

With the right machinery and weather conditions we could do it 1 day taken the grass driveway down to 16 inches deep breaking out the concrete drive and using as hardcore addding 4 inches of hardcore compact with a heavy duty machine 8 Inches of m.o.t (crushed concrete with finnings) all this compacted down with heavy duty wacker plate thenc membrain sheeting and adding sharp sand compact with wacker at around 2 inches your paving should be at lest 50 mm thick for car traffic most important is the digging deep enough to allow base for hard standing allow use a membrane sheeting to stop any weed growth in future all driveway most have a Concrete Ending curbs to support paving at last all paving most be compact and filled with kill and dry sand to fill in any spaces or gaps

Answered 18th Oct 2018

JM driveways&landscaping

Member since 18 Oct 2018

If you Get a big company in then half a day seems about right to dig out a driveway some driveway company’s have got grab lorrys and mini diggers.

Answered 24th Oct 2018

invicta driveways limited

Member since 25 Jun 2018

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It could be done depending on man power or if they are useing a digger

Answered 8th Nov 2018

Hudsons landscapes & design

Member since 8 Nov 2018

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Firstly are you having brick pavers or tarmac your guy needs to go down a fair depth approximately 300 to 350mm to allow for hardcore , compacting and finnished layer. A good operator with decent machine should achive this in half a day

Answered 21st Nov 2018

Your choice driveways and patios

Member since 8 Nov 2018

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