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How do i adjust this hinge please?

I have a Upvc door which has dropped so it will not close, and I cannot see how to adjust the hinges.

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Normally upvc doors have the adjustment screws hidden under a plastic cover, which slides off...
There is an adjustment screw, and a lock screw on each hinge..
You will need to loosen off the locking screw first (with a hexagonal Allen key)..
Turning the adjustment screw half a turn at a tome, you will see the door move slightly..
See if this makes your problem better, or not..
If not, give it a full turn in the opposite direction, and test for improvement..
A bit of judicious trial and error should resolve your problem..
Good luck..😎


Answered 20th Oct 2018

On some doors the adjustment is via 4 big Phillips screws turn these a bit at a time if it gets worse turn the other way


Answered 25th Oct 2018

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