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Flooring round an existing fitted kitchen?

Our small kitchen (2 x 2.7m) is in dire need of a new floor to replace old, 1mm thick vinyl tile on concrete. These are well stuck but shrunken, plus the tiles stop short of the wall. The kitchen units are fitted but cooker, fridge, w/m are all freestanding so the floor isn't a straightforward rectangle.

Do you think more vinyl tiles are the best option for a quick, easy and decent-looking fix until we can afford to rip out & replace the whole kitchen? If we put down more vinyl tiles, do we have to remove the old ones first (I've heard this is murder!)? Oh, and what do you call those L shaped strips that seal between plinth and floor tiles?

Thanks for helping out!

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hi, i would not remove old floor vinyl tiles . especially if they are welded to the floor . more tiles over the top will be fine. These are called plinth strips and are more a U shape to fit underneath plinth to stop water penetration.

Answered 24th Mar 2011

RS installations

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It's called a plinth sealing strip...they're U shaped now and clip on to the bottom of the plinth...check link http://www.replacementkitchendrawers.com/shop/product.php?productid=17192

For cheapness and the fact you're changing your kitchen later, I would put thickish lino down to be honest, straight over the existing tiles... and rip the whole lot up when you redo your kitchen properly, they can be back breaking to get them up and you might end up having to latex the floor afterwards if the screed/concrete is damaged or rough.

Answered 24th Mar 2011

Rebel Carpenter

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Hi there, if i were you i would take the tiles up, they shouldn't be too hard to take up, if you use a sharp scraper and a bit of elbow greese. Then i would lay sheet viynol (lino) down to replace it. I say this because if you look online you can get some right bargains on there and its also quick and fairly cheap for a lino fitter to install it. Unlike, new tiles or wooden flooring which could be costly for both materials and labour.
Theres a huge range of styles out there, so once laid it will also look good and be warmer under foot.
those strips are just called plinth of kick board seals.
Hope this helps.

Answered 24th Mar 2011

D.J.P Carpentry Services

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