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Decking on steep slope

I have just bought an end terrace house with a garden that slopes up from an overgrown bank at the back of the house (when you climb all the way to the top of the garden and look back you can see over the roof of the house if that makes sense).

Access to the garden is currently up a concrete ramp to get to the top of the retaining wall that runs along the alley at the back of the terrace, and then you have to scramble up a bank from there to get to the less steep bit.

I would like to improve access by putting a set of wooden steps up the bank and then installing a decked area at the top, big enough for some garden furniture and some raised beds and planters.
First of all is this realistic to do on a slope where the building is at the bottom?
And what is the best way to tackle this job and who would be the best type of tradesman to approach? Many thanks!

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Yes perfectly possible. Build your steps into and up the bank. But you need retaining either side of steps. I did it here, used concrete and paving steps not wood as wanted it to last longer. If you want to send me photo of your site can look at it.


Answered 14th Oct 2018

Yes, this could be done. sleepers are nice and easy and oak sleepers last a fair old length of time even when being used to retain banks and buried into a bank as steps. depending on the size of the slops and garden you may even be able to take some of the top of the garden to the bottom to make the slop less steep dependant on a few factors.


Answered 15th Oct 2018

Simple.. work out where your 2 lower corner posts are and insert them set in concrete the same as you would a fence post (about 2 ft deep) you can use 8 by 4 treated railway sleepers but 4 x 4 posts should do as once it's all braced and keyed together you'd be surprised how strong it is! Next run a line or timber from the highest garden point and keep it level and mark where it's level on the post and pop a nail in just temporary! Do the same the other side also (remember it's good to use longer posts as by extending the posts above the deck by 4ft it leaves enough to fit balustrade to later!!!) you then need 2 posts inserted at the top so in effect your creating a square frame with the 4 corner posts being the most important points (NOTE: try to get the frame dead square! Take your time) once your 4 corner posts are in just use 6 by 2 timbers to join them up (making a square) get it level and that's it! Just fill in with cross braces around every 400mm and add extra stansions (support posts around every 6ft.. it's easier to draw lol. Steps would be better higher up the garden so not so steep (safety) hope that helps 👍


Answered 6th Feb 2019

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