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Sewer gas smell on roof terrace via vent pipes

The vent pipes end at shoulder level at the end of my roof terrace. So gas and smell are wafted across the terrace - methane etc. Very unpleasant and total ruin the enjoyment of the roof terrace.

I'm on top floor, so 4 flats including mine have pipes connecting to the vent pipe running up the outside of the back of the building with one vent.

What can I do? Should they smelll that much? Can I extend them up higher? Put a bend in them and run them to the front of the house away from the terrace at the back? Cut them shorter so they are lower then the terrace? Are there any regulations?

>>Thank you everyone.

I have ordered the FloPlast external Air Admittance Valve from Screwfix, AXV110, so will just pop them on when they arrive. Job done. Thanks again!<<

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smelly can get a vent cap or air addmitance valve which stops smells escaping but lets air in.hope this helps.


Answered 24th Mar 2011

You need an external Air Admittance Valve (AAV).This will emit any smells you are getting now, please click the link hope this explains thing more clearly thanks MB Building Services.


Answered 24th Mar 2011

the soil pipe needs to finish one metre above your head height that will solve your problem 3mtres above the roof


Answered 24th Mar 2011

I would agree With Mb as a solution.


Answered 25th Mar 2011

Thats your two solutions in a nutshell fit an AAV or raise the height of the soil pipe. I cant add anything more :)


Answered 27th Mar 2011

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