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Bathroom ventilation

We have occasional water dripping from our bathroom extractor fan - it started with the heavy snow last year.
We had a roofer assess and it was thought that a broken tile or lack of loft ventilation was the problem so we addressed both these issues.

Small amounts of water continue to drip but only if it snows or there is a hard frost - we therefore now suspect the problem to be due to condensation in the extractor pipe.

I have looked in to new extractor fans, condensation traps and flexi insulated ducts, but I do not know which type of tradesman would be best for the job. What would you recommend?

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Hiya - it could be your tile vent needs renewing - I could do the job or take a look - if your local ish 😊 regards Gareth


Answered 18th Oct 2018

If your contemplating changing the fan it’s a job for an electrician really.... even though it’s a very simple job.
Is the ducting run correctly & attached to the vent tile correctly? Make sure it’s as short a run as possible... if you have a soffit in your house you could run the ducting to a grill in the soffit.
All the best 👍🏻


Answered 1st Jan 2019

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