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Shed base i am doing

Hi how much ballast and concrete will I need for a 14ft by 10ft at 6inch deep shed base

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For that size you need 1.8M3 of Concrete (C20 Grade) The components for that amount breaks down as:

* 1,134kg Cement, equates to 23 x 25kg Bags OPC Cement

* 1,134kg of sand, equates to a bulk bag plus 9 x 25kg bags

* 2,106kg Gravel, equates to 2 x Bulk bag(s) plus 12 x 25kg bags

* 525 to 540 litres of water

Used reinforcement-bar also to prevent cracking

Arena Building and Landscaping


Answered 10th Oct 2018


you would need 1.982 cubic metres of concrete.

Hope this helps.

Finn Clayton.


Answered 10th Oct 2018

4 tonne ballast
32 bags cement 8 to a tonne


Answered 4th Jan 2019

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