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Weep holes

hello, i have just had a survey which recommends weep holes in a garden wall, to help with drainage. are these necessary? can i do it myself or is it something that a specialist bricklayer needs to do? many thanks

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Core drill and plastic pipe, drill the holes as low amd as level as possible, insert pipe and fix, you may find grip fix etc will hold them in place.


Answered 30th Jan 2012

Yes weep holes are necessary but only if your wall is a retaining wall, for examply if it is holding back a soil bank. Weep holes are used to release a build up of water behind the wall. These can be a ready made weep hole often called a cassette or a length of pipe cut to size.


Answered 19th Feb 2012

You can do it yourself, drill out the perp joints at low level about 900mm apart.


Answered 30th Jan 2012

yes they are necessary and you can do it your self just get a round drill bit around 15 cm wide that can drill the hole and put some pipe in the hole this needes to be every 2 meters apart


Answered 30th Jan 2012

It’s fully up to you and Depending on your skill levels who dose the job but if you want it done quick are right I suggest getting a brick layer in to do it.


Answered 10th Dec 2018

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