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Hi guys

I recently had my house completely re-wired but after the same tradesmen bodged up on other work around the house, we went our separate ways and i never received an electric certifcate for the work they carried out.

What are my options now in order to obtain one and how much would this cost. I am in a 2 bedroom masionette.


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Hi The Cavendish, in reality there is very little you can do and your plight is not uncommon. Firstly its not as simple as just asking and paying another registered electrician to cerify the work as technically thats illegal! If caught doing this the electrician can be removed from the competent persons scheme he/she belongs to, so its quite a big deal.

I don't know what checks you made but if you have hired a non registerd part P electrician, it may well be that the work is sub-standard and will all need to be taken out and re-done again properly!

The only real solution you have is contacting your local authority building control department and come clean, stating that you thought that you had hired a competent person but they have disappeared/ceased trading and you have no certificate etc. Often they are sympathetic and rarely do they take action and enforce the £5000 fine for householders breaching the building regulations where this has happened.

Ask them if they will accept either a Periodic Electrical Inspection Report (PIR)or an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)for the whole property? - if they will then hire a COMPETENT electrician who is NICEICregistered to carry out an EICR on the property. You can expect to pay about £100 but its a legal way forward.

Alternatively the LABC may ask you to pay their inspection fee and send their inspector out to have a look and sign it off, but this will cost more. Normally around £300.

Apart from that your only option is maybe via small claims court, but 9 times out of 10 the address for the electrician/firm is bogus or they have moved on or gone bust.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this is happening more and more, and I can only advise anyone to check and ask the electricain they intend to use for proof of his/her registration and make it clear that you will not pay for the work until the certificate is issued! Any genuine sparks will have no problem with this at all, whereas the others will make excuses and go away.

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Answered 31st Jan 2012

Electrical Safety Services

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You can get an EICR or electrical condition report. Go to an established electrician who is a member of NAPIT, ELECSA or NICIEC. Expect to pay around £130 for the report but you will have to pay more to remedy any defects that exist in the wiring. You should be able to go back to the original electrician, who has to be a member of one of these bodies to be able to do the work. If he isn't a member of one of these organisations he is committing a criminal offence by doing the work and can be fined or sent to prison for doing this.
Sadly there are a number of unqualified electricians that are working on this site, that mybuilder has yet to do anything about. The best way to check whether the guy is a member is to go back to the organisation he says he is a member of, and see if he is on their list.

Answered 30th Jan 2012

Abrahams and Keeling

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If the rewire was completed then you should still ask him for the certificate,I assume you checked that hes was qualified to do a rewire before he began? What do you mean by bodged up work? If Its bad enough for you to ask him to leave the job,then you may well have employed a chancer that shouldnt be doing this kind of work.Your first course of action should be to be to find a REPUTABLE electrician to come and inspect/test what has been done.

Answered 29th Jan 2012

Roc builders

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Hello, I have come across this before and the advice that the NIC EIC gave me , was that you need to have a PIR electrical report done on the electrics.Should cost between £100-150.Paul

Answered 30th Jan 2012

Nice Touch Installs

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also, is the guy still trading, do you have any other proof that he did the work i.e. itemised invoices listing "electrical installation" or similar? if so, write to him rquesting the certificate, say you'll give him 30 days to provide them or you'll complain to trading standards

Answered 5th Feb 2012


Member since 24 Jan 2012

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