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New turf not growing properly

What can I do to a new turf not growing properly?

It is growing in patches but where it is exposed to the sun for most part of the day is all dried up and not growing.

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In many cases where the new turf isn’t growing correctly is a case of watering throughout the day either by your self or if you have a gardener if failing this you can buy an automatic sprinkler system which you can set times threw out the day to ensure that your new grass is getting the correct amount of hydration especially in hot conditions


Answered 22nd Sep 2018

If the turf is drying out in the sun and not growing it will need more watering.
It’s important to water the turf long enough for the soil beneath to become damp. In hot weather the water can evaporate off the new turf quickly if it’s not watered enough.
If not already doing so, try watering early morning or evening time when it’s not so hot so the water can penetrate into the soil beneath and water for atleast 20 minutes in each area a sprinkler will cover.
In very hot conditions the new lawn may need watering heavily twice per day.
Lift a corner of turf and if the ground is cold and damp underneath it has had enough water.
You can reduce the watering once the roots have knitted to the soil beneath.


Answered 8th Oct 2018

Hi there.

It is vital a new lawn receives sufficient water especially when first laid to help the new turf bond with the soil underneath.This allows the root system to bind with the soil encouraging healthy growth.

Early in the morning and at dusk are usually the best times to water during the day to prevent scorching if it is hot.

If patches are developing try to scarify the affected area lightly and treat with some decent quality grass seed to encorage new growth.

As suggested by others here a sprinkler or watering system would be useful here also.

I hope this helps


Answered 27th Nov 2018

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