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Flattening sloped garden

Hi, I have purchased a property with a sloped garden (1.2 slope). I would like to flatten it out to have a patio area and turf.
I have asked a landscaper to quote me but he told me it can’t be flattened out. It can only be terraced and it looks like it will be a big job I can’t afford.
Is there any other option?
I would’n mind two tiers but I don’t want many steps.

Could I build retaining walls/flower beds around the fences so that I can then flatten the inside?


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Hi, without seeing photos I cannot really give you a correct answer. I don't see why you couldn't put a retainer wall up with steps to level off the slope. Other options could be to use decking to give you a raised seating area.
Like I said it is difficult to comment without seeing the garden.


Answered 18th Sep 2018

Yes retainers and or flower would be a great idea to create the level required.
It would be greats


Answered 18th Sep 2018

You can put retainer wall. To save on soil and improove strength, fill empty space in slope with crusshed bricks/ stones or crush and run to raise level up, then soil. I will recommend to do small holes on the bottom brick layer(use small pipes) and do channeling under wall to easly remove ground water. When you erect wall remember to put membrane inside so water will be diverted down instead penetrating via bricks.


Answered 18th Sep 2018

Hi , again without looking at it it’s hard to say but his consurn was more than likely change in levels so retaining walls may be needed or any drains or Utilitys that my run through there would have to be dropped , again without looking it’s had to say


Answered 18th Sep 2018

Often is the case that decking is the most cost effective way to deal with a steep gradient.

A common alternative is a retaining wall but ground stability, water retention and load calculations all need to be considered.

I hope this helps.


Answered 1st Oct 2018

I'd look to tear it using sleepers tbh. Cheaper and much nicer aesthetics.


Answered 6th Feb 2019

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