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There,s a tank in my loft with pipes comming off it .

I would like to convert my small loft into a basic non expensive bedroom, but there is a tank in the middle of the loft with pipes comming off it , would this be an expensive job ? or would it be cheaper to move house ?
I live in the walsall west midlands area .
thank you.

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does the british army know they have left a tank in your loft ,i would move to outer mongolia

Answered 27th Jan 2012


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You need to identify and be honest with a budget, do you really want to live there long term to develop the loft into a habitable room? Moving home costs an easy 5k in fees alone, even for a starter home, but you wouldn't get any change from that if conversion done to a good finish. You could double that figure or treble it and more with good companies, prob £5k if you done in all yourself. If you mean a loft ladder, few boards up and a bit of plaster board, And a fresh clean new carpet, then firstly that wouldn't meet any sbasic conversion standards, fire regulations or add a penny to the house value.


Answered 27th Jan 2012

The Property Team

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Hi linda.There is no way you can LEGALLY put a non expensive bedroom in the loft.Your best bet would be to post this as a job and get a few quotes for your proposed project.Maybe you could do an existing bedroom alteration or garage conversion (if you have one),for less.Tradesmen viewing your property could give you much more advice than you could possibly get from here.

Answered 27th Jan 2012

Roc builders

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hi Linda, First off a" basic" loft conversion would be 10k min and you saying its small it probably wouldn't be fesiable to do ! sorry!

Answered 28th Jan 2012

GJC Carpentry

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this is a simple job and should only take the day as its a case of extending your pipework

Answered 29th Jan 2012

crest installations and maintenance services

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Moving the tank is not an exspensive job, but i would advise removal an conversion to a sealed system with an exspansion vessel, so that a radiator could be fitted in the loft, post the job on my builder.

Answered 28th Jan 2012

sovereign plumbing and heating

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hi ,there are a number of tanks it could be ,depends on your house ,either putting in a combi , or repostion the tanks
yours david

Answered 28th Jan 2012


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This could be moved quite simply closer to the eaves by a plumber.

Answered 29th Jan 2012

Local patios and driveways

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firstly it needs to be determined whether the tank in the loft space is redundant or an active part yo you heating system.

if it is redundant then it would not cost more than £100 to move.

If it is an active component then this will increase up to £500.

converting this space according to regs would cost a mimimum of £12k and depending on the size and specification could increase upto £25k.

To do a conversion without regs is not advisable as firstly it is not safe and secondly it adds little value to the property as it is not registered. but this can be done for around £5000 -£8000

Answered 29th Jan 2012

Ambux Ltd

Member since 24 Oct 2011

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