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I have a large green oil tank that appears to have a leak part way up the tank. can this be repaired or do i need a completely new tank?

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You dont mention the material but im going to assume its a plastic bunded tank. Is the inspection tube leaking? If so this can be replaced, if it is leaking elsewhere then it will need to be replaced! This could be around £600 ish. If its a small pinhole, then hold a lump of thick rubber (wet suit thickness) over the hole and use a thick self tapping screw into the hole, this will be a temp fix until you can do the job properly.
If metal tank then a chemical metal may work but it would be hit and miss.
Above all please remember the contents will be flammable

Good luck


Answered 29th Jan 2012

You could try epoxy putty this will work on plastic and metal can get from B&Q for £6.00 this sets in mins and its rock hard but would advise replace tank when you can


Answered 22nd Feb 2012

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